“Culinary Frank” Brings Melbourne To Ho Chi Minh City

Frank Pham, the chef turned food vlogger affectionately known by his viewers as “Culinary Frank'', is the culinary powerhouse behind Ho Chi Minh City’s Society Cafe & Dining and captivates his 400,000 strong audience with his calming cooking ASMR. 

If you’re not already familiar with his content, Frank Pham’s channel shows him following home-cooked recipes in a quiet setting, capturing the soothing sounds of every step from washing vegetables to slicing meat, in a calming visual and auditory experience. 

Most of his videos rack up a few thousand views, but he is most known for his Beefsteak & Mash Potato and Bibimbap video, honing in over 1 million views each. Watch how he elevates his instant noodles at home, or witness as he attempts to replicate Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington. 

Frank’s professional cooking career began the day he enrolled at Singapore’s At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy to study Culinary Arts. Since then, he has lived and worked in many countries around the globe. 

After spending some time in Australia, Frank and his wife Jenny Pham longed to come back to Ho Chi Minh City, where they decided to open Society Cafe & Dining in the heart of District 1. They were inspired by the coffee shops they had frequented in Melbourne, and embarked on their passion project here in Vietnam. “In Australia, I realised that going to a cafe is not simply about finding a place to…sit. People also expect to enjoy delicious coffee and a well-cooked meal”, said Frank.

Frank wants Society to be a culinary playground where he can unleash his creativity, drawing from culinary influences around the globe. Like the chef, his menu is authentic and unpretentious. 

Catering to more than just coffee lovers, Society Cafe & Dining is a vibrant space serving yes, coffee, and a plethora of appetising dishes that could hold their head high on his channel. Warm your soul with one of his rich ramen broths, topped with soft boiled egg, or cool down with a cold Yong Tau Foo, with baby tofu, roasted vegetables, ponzu sauce and onion oil, perfect for a hot day. The two drinks Frank recommends at Society are: the Melbourne, cold brew with cream foam, nutmeg and orange; and the Yuzu Spritz, cold brew with tonic and citrus. 

Frank describes Society as a home people can return to after work, and claims that every restaurant is a miniature society. Frank told “In this miniature society, we welcome people from different backgrounds, yet they all share the same passion for food and the culinary experience. Whatever we have in this ‘society,’ we show all to our visitors.” 

Alongside leading his team to victory, Frank also mentors his young staff and shares his experiences with aspiring chefs who visit his cafe, imparting sage words of wisdom and advice. Fostering connections is important in the kitchen, he states, and he allows his staff to come up with their own recipes to feature on the menu. 

Check out Frank’s youtube channel, and visit him at Society Cafe & Dining to savour this exceptional F&B experience in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. 

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